[PERSONAL] Happy New Year!

How was your 2018 everyone?

In 2019, Ishida Ayumi Singapore will be welcoming its fifth year since this site was created.

This site was unable to stay active for quite a bit due to various circumstances but I hope to improve the updates on the sites in 2019! (No more lazing around!)

This year will be a special year for both Morning Musume‘ 19 and Ayumi as well as she has been recently elected sub leader for the group! With that being said, I’ll like to give her my full support as well! ^_^

Have a great 2019 ahead, everyone!

[INFO] Morning Musume ’19 to release Best Album「ベスト!モーニング娘。20th Anniversary」

Announced during the Budokan concert, Morning Musume ’19 will be releasing a best of album on 13 March 2019. Titled “Best! Morning Musume。20th Anniversary”, it will include songs from their 35th single (Mikan) all the way till 66th single (Furari Ginza/ Jiyuu no Kuni Dakara)

Furthermore, it will include two brand new songs, I surrender Ai Saredo Ai and Koi Shite Mitakute which have been performed on this tour.

Covers and the track list for the album have also been revealed.

<Limited Edition A>


  • Comes with 2 CDs and will include blu ray footage of Morning Musume ’18 performances during rockin’ on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2018
  • I surrender Ai Saredo Ai MV
  • Making of
  • ¥6,500+tax

<Limited Edition B>


  • Will include 4 CDs in total (¥5,00+tax)
  • Additional tracks includes: Watashi no Nannimo Wakacchanai (Morning Musume ’15 Ver.), Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi (TYPE B), Akogare no Stress-free (Morning Musume’ 18 Ver.) and Jiyuu no Kuni Dakara (TV EDIT)

<Regular Edition>


  • Will include 2 CDs in total (¥3,500+tax)


For full track listing, please refer to here. 


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モー娘。20周年企画、モー娘。’18の定点観測、つばき・Juice=Juiceライブ映像、佐々木莉佳子コーデ紹介 MC:山岸理子【ハロ!ステ#258】

[GOODS] Haruna’s 23rd Birthday Event Goods Revealed!

01 (1)

  • Iikubo Haruna Original Keyholder + L Sized Photo (¥1,200)

02 (1)

  • Iikubo Haruna Microfiber Towel (¥3,700)

03 (1)

  • L Sized Photos (4 in a set) (¥600)

04 (1)

  • 2L Sized Photos (4 in a set)(¥1,000)

05 (1)

  • A5 Wide Sized Photos (2 in a set)  (¥1,000)

06 (1)

  • A4 Sized Photo  (¥1,500)

07 (1)

  • Iikubo Haruna Birthday Commemoration Set (¥9,000)

Consist of:

  • Iikubo Haruna Original Keyholder + L Sized Photo
  • IIkubo Haruna Micro Fiber Towel
  • L Sized Photos (4 in a Set)
  • 2L Sized Photos (4 in each set)
  • A5 Wide Sized Photos (2 in a set)
  • A4 Sized Photo
  • Comes with a Kudo Haruka Birthday Commemoration Set L Sized Photo

08 (1)

  • Iikubo Haruna 2017 Birthday Photo Album  (¥2,500)


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