[INFO] Concerning the medical condition of Masaki Sato

Announced on both Hello! Project official site and Up-Front Link, Masaki will be making restarting her activities in Morning Musume at the start of their spring tour – Morning Musume ’17 Spring Tour~THE INSPIRATION~” .

It is still uncertain for now as of whether Masaki can take part in other activities concerning the group since the main focus would be the upcoming concerts.

To read the full comment: Here.

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P/S: Let’s all give Maachan our blessing and support! Hopefully, she does not push herself too much.

But, still, welcome back Maachan ❤


[INFO] Erina to be featured in Konnichiwa, Joyuu no Sagara Itsuki Desu


It has been announced that Erina will be starring in TV Tokyo’s morning drama “Konnichiwa, Joyuu no Sagara Itsuki Desu”.

She will be making a special appearance in the drama alongside with Momoiro Clover Z’s Sasaki Ayaka and NMB48’s Fujie Reina.

The episode will air on 6 March at 1am (JST) on TV Tokyo.

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アプカミ#56 モーニング娘。’17「BRAND NEW MORNING」MV裏側 & ボーカルREC、中島卓偉ゲスト、相田翔子ライブ映像ほか (2/24/2017)

[INFO] Morning Musume ’17 to star in TV Tokyo Variety Show!

Announced earlier, Morning Musume ’17 will be starring in their very own variety show!

Titled “Tokugi ☆Saikensho Momusu DE Gozaru!”, this show aims to showcase the members’ skill sets on whether the skills that they have written on their profile are really true.

The program will feature scenes with the members showcasing their skill set such as:

  • Miki testing out her English proficiency
  • Erina’s golf drive, Haruna with her skating skills
  • Haruka with the 13th generation members showcasing their skills with musical instruments.
  • Sakura doing her hula dance
  • Akane testing out calligraphy skills
  • Haruna and her eye skills
  • Maria showcasing her talent in doing duck lips
  • Ayumi with her dance skills

The program will air on 8 March 2017 at 1.35AM (JST) on TV Tokyo.

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モーニング娘。’17新曲MV、つばきLIVE・コメント、J=JLIVE新曲、℃-uteナルチカ、竹内ボイトレ、アンジュルムスポーツのお時間 MC:植村あかり・山岸理子【ハロ!ステ#208】