DVD『モーニング娘。’18 石田亜佑美バースデーイベント』


モー娘。20周年企画、石田亜佑美の定点観測、ハロコンライブ、MCトーク、アンジュ佐々木・川村が書道に挑戦!段原瑠々ヘアアレンジ紹介 MC:浅倉樹々【ハロ!ステ#253】

[INFO] Sakura to release second photo book!


*Note: This is not the official cover for the photo book.

Announced on Sakura’s blog post, she will be releasing her second photo book on 17 November!

Several bonuses have also been revealed should pre-order it through these sites:

Wani Books:

1) Wani Books will be picking 100 people to have their photo book signed with their names by Sakura. (Pre-order by 6 November)

2) L Sized Photo for all pre-orders.


Amazon Japan:

  • Another Cover


Hello! Project Official Shop:

  • L Sized Photos (2 kinds)



  • L Sized Photo


HMV Japan:

  • L Sized Photo


Tower Records:

  • L Sized Photo


Rakuten Books:

  • L Sized Photo


Cr: Wani Books / 10ki +11ki Official Blog