About 石田亜佑美 (Ishida Ayumi)



Official Blog : 10ki + 11ki Official Blog 

Name : Ishida Ayumi ( 石田亜佑美 ; いしだあゆみ ; イシダアユミ )

Date of Birth : 7th January 1997.

Blood Type : O

Place of Birth : Miyagi Prefecture.

Joined Morning Musume : 29th September 2011 .

Favorite Food(s) : Watermelon, Pepper Steak, Ramune Candy &  Shiroi Fuusen .

Skills : Currently dancing , *sharpness in her turning back , being able to do back turns in the future. (Ayumi has achieved doing acrobatics)

Hobbies : Candy Crush & watching movies [Updated on 23/04/2014]

Official Nicknames : Daishi ( だーいし) – Given by Tsunku

Other nicknames : だーちゃん、だーさん、石プロ、石田さん、あゆみん、あゆみちゃん、あぬみん 、いしだん

Member Color : Royal Blue.

Favorite words : Shining Smile .

Favorite English word : Difficult, Amazing [Updated as of 31/01/2017]

Favorite Sports : Dodge ball

Favorite Color :  Blue [Updated on 23/04/2014]

Charm Point : Her brown eyes.

Motto : Being calm and smiling everyday .

What she is proud about her hometown : Gyutan, Zunda , Team Spirit .

How she felt when she got selected to be part of the 10th Generation  : ” (I am) really elated and surprised ! Since I was selected, I want to do my best to deliver lots of smile to everyone ! ”

2ch symbol : 川c ’∀’)

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