Sashihara Rino to collaborate with Morning Musume ’16 for FNS Music Festival!

Sashihara Rino will be collaborating with Morning Musume ’16 to perform THE PEACE!

Do remember to catch their performance on 14 December!


アプカミ#44 モーニング娘。’16「セクシーキャットの演説」 MV裏側、&「ムキダシで向き合って」ボーカルREC映像、杉田二郎、アプガライブ映像、トランスポートの裏側 ほか (11/25/2016)

[INFO] Ayumi to hold 20th Birthday Event!

ayu bd.JPG

Announced through the official fan club site, Ayumi would be holding a birthday to commemorate her 20th Birthday with the fans!

It will take place at Yamano Hall on 13 January where there will be two shows in total.

The first one will start at 5.30PM (JST) and the second one will start at 8PM(JST).

To fans who might be in Japan during that period of time, do go if you can! 😀

Cr: Hello! Project Official Fan Club Site

[INFO] Morning Musume ’16 62nd Single -「セクシーキャットの演説/ムキダシで向き合って/そうじゃない」Oricon Daily Chart Ranking Revealed!


Morning Musume ’16 charted in at No.1 on Oricon Daily Chart ranking with 64,522 copies sold!

Congratulation girls!

Let’s aim to get No.1 in the weekly ranking too!

Cr: Oricon 

[INFO] Morning Musume ’16 to announce 13th Generation at Budokan Concert!

Announced earlier during the noon show of Morning Musume ’16 Fall Concert~MY VISION~ in Osaka’s Orix Theater –  Morning Musume ’16 would be announcing the 13th Generation during the finale for this tour at Budokan on 12 December!

The new member/members would come from Hello! Project Kenshuusei as no one from the audition made the cut.

Cr: @takahashiai on Twitter

モーニング娘。’16新曲イベント!アンジュルムライブ、カントリーライブ、生物のお時間、新曲ダンスレッスン!アンジュルム中西ヘアアレンジ! MC:和田彩花・山木梨沙【ハロ!ステ#196】