[INFO] Morning Musume ’17 x Bandai Namco Collaboration Announced!


Asobista is back again!

Featuring only Morning Musume ’17 this time, the four teams have been revealed through the official game site.

Red Army:

  • Fukumura Mizuki (Supreme Commander)
  • Ogata Haruna (Tactician)
  • Nonaka Miki (Sub Commander)

Blue Team:

  • Ishida Ayumi (Supreme Commander)
  • Kudo Haruka (Tactician)
  • Kaga Kaede (Sub Commander)
  • Yokoyama Reina (Sub Commander)

Yellow Team:

  • Iikubo Haruna (Supreme Commander)
  • Sato Masaki (Tactician)
  • Oda Sakura (Sub Commander)

Green Team:

  • Ikuta Erina (Supreme Commander)
  • Makino Maria (Tactician)
  • Haga Akane (Sub Commander)
  • Morito Chisaki (Sub Commander)


To play the game, you would first have to login (Twitter/LINE/Facebook/Bandai Namco ID) and choose the team you would like to support as well as your favorite member.

Note that you are unable to change teams once you have decided.

Various battles will take place throughout the month with the first battle taking place on 2 August at 8PM.

The final battle will take place on 30 August.


Cr: Asobista Official Site





[INFO] Engeki Joshibu to release Pharaoh no Haka DVD!

Engeki Joshibu will be releasing Pharaoh no Haka which stars Morning Musume ’17 DVD on 4 October.

It will cost¥6,481 (not inclusive of tax) and will contain two DVD and a CD.

More details of the DVD to be revealed at a later date.


Cr: Hello! Project Official Site