[INFO] Engeki Joshibu to release musical DVD -「続・11人いる!東の地平・西の永遠」!

It has been announced that Engeki Joshibu will be releasing 「続・11人いる!東の地平・西の永遠」musical DVD.

The contents of the DVD will contain footage of both East and West versions of the musical as well as the soundtrack.

It is slated for release on 5 October and will cost about ¥7,000.

Cr: Engeki Joshibu Official Site

[GOODS] Newly Added Goods for Morning Musume ’16 61st Single – 「泡沫サタデーナイト!/The Vision/Tokyoという片隅」Commemorative Release Event


  • Solo Off-shot L Sized Photos (4 in a Set) (¥600)


【Girls Night Out#27】アンジュ室田・佐々木カチカチ山、SFCで大変身、モー娘。譜久村・尾形で鯛めし、お知らせ 他!


In addition, it was announced that Ayumi and Sakura trip to Kyoto will be made into a DVD!

Titled 「ラブラブデートin京都〜さくらと一緒にサクラを見に行こう!〜」( Love Love date in Kyoto~ Sakura to Isshoni Sakura wo Mi ni Ikou!~) It will contain footage of deleted scenes as well as audio documentary.

The release date has not been announced yet.