20141229 「THEビッグチャンス」譜久村聖・飯窪春菜

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モーニング娘。’14 MV監督オーディション

This video is a compilation of the three different MV from three different director team (Green, Blue & Red) that was aired today from The Big Chance.

The winner of the show would get a chance to direct Morning Musume ’15 next single MV.


Note: The winner that was announced was the red team.

The name of the director is Shibue Shuuhei.

He was the one who directed the PV at the bottom (from the video)

[INFO] Announcement in regards to Kanon & Masaki participation for the upcoming concerts.

It has just been announced that Kanon will not be taking part in the upcoming countdown concert – Hello ! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2014 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO! ~ which will take place on 31/12/2014 as well as the annual Hello ! Project Winter Concert – Hello ! Project 2015 WINTER ~DANCE MODE! / ~HAPPY EMOTION! which will take place on 02/01/2015 due to a sprain on her left ankle as well as a torn ligament.

Full recovery would take six weeks.

Furthermore, it has also been announced that Masaki had also sustained a minor sprain on her right ankle and that she would still be taking part in the concerts as mentioned above, but will only be singing.

Cr: 9ki Blog / Starra@JPLOP / mmthailand 

[INFO] Morning Musume ’14 12th Generation Members to host regular radio program !

It has been announced that the 12th Generation members would be having their own radio show titled – Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki (Morning Musume ’15 12ki Diary).

The first official broadcast date would be on 04/01/2015.

It will air on FM FUJI every sunday from 4.30~5PM.

Cr: Hello ! Project Official Site 

[GOODS] Hello ! Project WINTER 2015 Goods Revealed !


– Hello ! Project DVD Magazine Vol 44. (¥4,700)

– Visual Book (¥2,200)

– Tour Wrist Band (¥800)

– Tour T-Shirt (Sizes: S/M/L/XL) (¥3,000)

– Sports Towel (¥2,800)

– Morning Musume ’15 Goods

  • Morning Musume ’15 T-Shirt (¥3,500)
  • Morning Musume ’15 Bag (¥1,500)
  • Morning Musume Wrist Band(¥800)
  • Morning Musume ’15 Micro Fiber Towel (¥3,700)
  • Morning Musume ’15 Muffler Towel (¥2,200)
  • Morning Musume ’15 L Size Photos (14 in a Set) (¥2,100)
  • Solo 2L Sized Photo(¥500)


– Collection Photos (45 kinds in total) (¥500)

– Collection Pin-Up Poster (45 kinds in total) (¥500)

– Collection Clearfile (50 kinds in total) (¥500)20150102_hpwinter3 

– Ishida Ayumi Birthday T-Shirt (¥3,000)


– Hello ! Project Unit Set

*Morning Musume ’15 Set cost (¥24,300)

Consist of:

*All of these will come in another version

  • T-Shirt
  • Wristband
  • Bag
  • Muffler Towel
  • Micro Fiber Towel
  • L Sized Photos

Also comes with:

  • DVD Magazine Vol 44.
  • Visual Book
  • Sports Towel
  • Tour Wristband



– Higawari A5 Wide Sized Photo (¥500)




-Hello ! Gacha (¥500 per spin)

Prizes to be won: 

  • Hello ! Project Signed B1 Poster (All Groups) [1st Prize]
  • Hello ! Project Signed B2 Poster (Individual Groups, 6 kinds in total) [2nd Prize]
  • Micro Fiber Towel (Specially made for Hello ! Gacha) [3rd Prize]
  • Felt Keyholder (Individual Units, 6 kinds in total) [4th Prize]
  • Solo Can Badge (44 kinds in total) [5th Prize]
  • Solo B3 Poster (44 kinds in total) [6th Prize]
  • Solo A5 Wide Sized Photo (44 kinds in total) [7th Prize]
  • Laundry Bag [8th Prize]