[NEWS] Riho to graduate from Morning Musume ’15.


As many of you will know by now, Riho is set to graduate from Morning Musume ’15 on 31st December 2015 and will be pursing her studies overseas.

Her last concert as a Morning Musume ’15 member will be on 8th December where Morning Musume ’15 will be holding their fall concert tour finale at Budokan.

She will still remain in Hello ! Project after her graduation from Morning Musume ’15.

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Compilation of Morning Musume ’15 Interview by UP-FRONT LINK

9th Generation:





10th Generation:





11th Generation:


12th Generation:





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[INFO] Setlist for Mizuki & Haruka’s Birthday Event Revealed!

27th October 2015 Setlist:

1.Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne

2. Ramen Daisuki Koizumi san


3. Are Kore Shitai! (Mizuki solo)

4. Let’s Do Daihakken ! (Haruka solo)

5. My alright sky (Haruka solo)

6. Issai Gassai Anata ni A GE RU


7. Kono ai wo Kasanete

8. Icchome Rock!


Setlist for 30th October 2015:

1.Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne

2. Loving you Too much

3. Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!


4. Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin (Haruka Solo)

5. Lemon Iro to Milk Tea (Mizuki Solo)

6. Daisuki 100 Manten (Mizuki Solo)


7. Kono Ai wo Kasanete

8. LOVE&PEACE=Paradise


Some tidbits from the event:

(October 27th)

  • Haruka “cosplayed” as SEKAI NO OWARI’s Fukase and Mizuki as DJ LOVE where they performed DRAGON NIGHT. Haruka renamed the duo as SEKAI NO HARUKA.
  • They had a quiz segment where 10ki listed out things that they dislike about Haruka.
  • The first person to send Haruka a congratulatory mail was actually Maria, however, she sent it a day earlier. Haruka said that if it was 10ki or Sakura that sent it, she would be able to tease them about it, but because Maria who sent it (Maria wrote a pretty long message) , she could only reply a thank you and then saying that her birthday was actually the next day. Maria then replied with an “AHHHHHHHHH!”
  • Excluding Maria, the first person to send a congratulatory mail to Haruka was actually Akane. She wrote “I love Kudo san” and Haruka replied “Isn’t it Ikuta san?” Akane then sent plenty of (upset) emoji to Haruka. But before Akane could write a long message to Haruka, she replied saying that she knows how much Akane likes her.

(30th October)

  • Mizuki announced the release of her third photo book – Kagayaki slated for release 5th December.
  • Haruka kissed Mizuki’s cheeks during the last part of Kono Ai wo Kasanete where the lyrics were “Kiss shite”
  • During the game corner, Ayumi who a surprise guest wore a costume, however before she revealed herself, she hugged and even touched Mizuki’s butt.
  • The first person to send Mizuki congratulatory messages were Akane and Haruka.
  • Everyone in 9ki sent their congratulatory messages late, however, on the hand, 12ki gave really amazing messages, such as Maria’s message ( I love love love love love love love love love love love love Fukumura san very much!)
  • Haruka said that she realized that Mizuki would be able to drink (alcohol) next year in which Mizuki said that she would like to try drinking as well.

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