[INFO] 8/7(木)、東京秋葉原店にて『≪ハロショ千夜一夜~第十夜~≫モーニング娘。’14 工藤遥「工藤遥に50の質問」そして「ファルスと過ごすひととき」』トークイベント開催決定!!

Haruka will be making an appearance at Hello ! Project Akihabara Shop on 07/08/2014 for “Hello Shop Thousand & One Nights ~The Tenth Night~”

The theme would be “Kudo Haruka and Farrus” and there would be two stages in total.
The first stage would be”50 Questions to Kudo Haruka”while the second stage would be to celebrate the general launch of LILIUM Soundtrack with the theme being – “Moments spent with Farrus”

The first stage will start at 6PM JST and the second stage will start at 8PM JST.

Each stage is about 45 minutes.

*Farrus is the character that Haruka portrayed in LILIUM.

Cr : Hello ! Project Official Shop Site. 

[INFO] Morning Musume ’14 to perform on MBS Oto Matsuri 2014.

Morning Musume ’14 will be performing at MBS Oto Matsuri 2014.

It will take place at Osakajo Hall on 12/10/2014.

It will start at 5PM (JST)

Artists performing are : BEGIN , SCANDAL , DREAMS COME TRUE etc.

Cr : natalie.mu 


Note :

Fanclub members who wishes to attend the event , check out the Hello ! Project Fanclub Site here.