[INFO] Ayumi to release fourth photo book!

Announced on Ayumi’s blog post, she will be releasing her fourth photo book on 27 April!

Titled 20th Canvas, it will contain shots taken from last year’s summer as well as this year’s winter period and will come with a making DVD.

Several bonuses have also been revealed should pre-order it through these sites:

Wani Books:

1) Wani Books will be picking 100 people to have their photo book signed with their names by Ayumi. (Pre-order by 16 April)

2) L Sized Photo for all pre-orders.

Amazon Japan:

  • Limited Edition Cover

Hello! Project Official Shop:

  • L Sized Photos (2 kinds)


  • L Sized Photo

HMV Japan:

  • L Sized Photo

Tower Records:

  • L Sized Photo

Rakuten Books:

  • L Sized Photo


Cr: Wani Books / Amazon Japan (LE) / Amazon Japan (RE) / 10ki blog

[INFO] Ogata Haruna to graduate from Morning Musume ’18


Announced on the Hello! Project official site, Haruna will be graduating from the group as well as Hello! Project on the final day of the spring tour – Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Spring Concert Tour~WE ARE MORNING MUSUME。~ which will take place on 20 June in Nippon Budokan.

Haruna has expressed her desire in wanting to focus on her studies and has thus, made the decision to graduate from the group.

She will not be taking part in the upcoming musical (Pharaoh no Haka) that will run from 1 June to 15 June.

Cr: Hello! Project Official Site


P/S: I am sure many of us are still feeling the shock from Haachin’s announcement since all of us never expected it. However, we do know that it’s been her dream for the longest time to continue her studies in University… even the members themselves have mentioned how hard they have seen Haachin studying for the university entrance exams.

Wishing her all the best! Let’s enjoy the remaining 3 months with her! (L

J=J新曲MV、モー娘。20周年企画、つばきファクトリーの定点観測、モー 娘。’18ライブ映像、教えて○○先生、石田亜佑美ヘアアレンジ紹 介、こぶし企画Part1 MC:金澤朋子【ハロ!ステ#262】

[GOODS] Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Spring Tour~We are MORNING MUSUME。~ Goods Revealed!


  • Morning Musume ’18 DVD Magazine Vol 106. & Vol 108.(¥2,600)
  • Visual Book(¥2,500)
  • B2 Poster (¥800)
  • Tour T-Shirt(¥3,000) (Sizes: S/M/L/XL)
  • Tour Wristband(¥800)
  • Morning Musume ’18 Muffler Towel(¥2,200)
  • Morning Musume ’18 Micro Fiber Towel(¥3,700)
  • Morning Musume ’18 Uchiwa (¥1,000)
  • Morning Musme ’18 Photo Album  (¥2,500)
  • L Sized Photos A or B (14 in a set)(¥2,100)
  • Solo T-Shirt (Sizes: M/L) (¥3,000)
  • Solo Muffler Towel (¥2,200)
  • Solo Micro Fiber Towel (¥3,700)
  • Solo 2L Sized Photos  (2 in each set) (¥500)


  • Pin-Up Poster Collection (26 kinds in total) (¥500)
  • Photo Collection (26 kinds in total) (¥500)


  • Solo A5 Wide Sized Higawari (¥500)


  • Members’ Individual Solo Set (¥11,700)

Consist of:

  • Solo T-Shirt (Sizes:M/L/XL)
  • Solo Micro Fiber Towel
  • Solo Muffler Towel
  • Solo Uchiwa
  • Solo 2L Sized Photos Set A or Set B (2 in each set)
  • Hello! Bag (L Size)
  • Comes with a L Sized Photo limited to this set only


  • WMM’18。 Set (¥26,700)

Consist of:

  • DVD Magazine Vol 106. & 107.
  • Visual Book
  • B2 Poster
  • Tour Wristband
  • Group Uchiwa
  • Tour T-Shirt (Sizes: S/M/L/XL)
  • Morning Musume ’18 Muffler Towel
  • Morning Musume ’18 Micro Fiber Towel
  • L Sized Photos Set Set A & B (14 in each set)
  • Hello! Bag (L Size)
  • Comes with a L Sized Photo limited to this set only


  • Collection Gacha Gacha – Pin Badge (15 kinds in total) (¥500)