[INFO] Campaign to get Morning Musume ’17 to perform in Singapore

Hello everyone!

Today, I’ll like to take opportunity to gather not only fans of Morning Musume from all over the world, but local fans to actually join a campaign to get the girls to visit Singapore!

As we all know by now, Haruka would be graduating this fall and this would probably be the last chance for most of us to see her perform live as a member of the group.

Therefore, at ISASG, I have decided to make use of this opportunity and a campaign at MyMusicTaste was created to give it a shot to hopefully capture both Up Front and fans’ attention in getting Morning Musume ’17 to perform in Singapore!

For those who are unsure on how MyMusicTaste works, it is a site where people request for their favorite artists to perform in their city/country! There are daily missions to fulfill (E.g. Choosing the song that you would want to see MM perform).

Furthermore, top tastemakers (people who does the daily missions etc) would also get special perks if the girls really does comes to Singapore to perform, so please do take part in it!

To better understand how it works, please refer to the guide for more information.

Do click and share this link with your fellow friends/fans who are interested in getting Morning Musume ’17 to perform in Singapore > Here! 


Note: An account must be created to actually participate in the daily missions.










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