[INFO] Haruka to graduate from Morning Musume ’17


Announced during the Kyoto concert of Morning Musume ’17 Spring Tour~THE INSPIRATION!~, Haruka will be graduating from the group as well as Hello! Project on the final day of the fall tour.

Haruka has expressed her desire in wanting to pursue acting and thus, decided to graduate from the group.

More details in regards to her graduation will be revealed at a later date.

To read the translated version of the full statement: Here. 

Cr: Hello! Project Official Site


P/S: I am sure everyone is feeling really down or shocked right now. Frankly speaking, I am at loss for words and broke down as well. But for Haruka to decide on her career path at aged 17, I think its really admirable.

I believe she will definitely find success at acting as well since I always personally always felt that her acting was always a joy to watch.

Wishing good luck and all the best in her future endeavors!

If you ever feel like its hard to contain your emotions, remember, Ayumi said “It’s okay to cry when you feel like it.” (Quoted by her mother and Baymax)

Let’s all enjoy the time she has left in Morning Musume ’17!


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