Ayumi’s 20th Birthday Event Set list Revealed!


1st Round & 2nd Round:

  1. Watarasebashi
  2. Gatamekira
  4. Zettai Tokeru Mondai X=♡
  5. Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou Sa

Tidbits from Ayumi’s BD Event:

  • Ayumi’s birthday cake was apparently designed by Airi. 
  • Ayumi received VTR messages from Haruka, Sakura, Airi & the 13th generation members.
  • Haruka came as a surprise guest.
  • The first person to send Ayumi a congratulatory message was Haachin.
  • Haruna mailed Ayumi exactly at 1:07am which Ayumi said she expected it.
  • The quiz corner comprises of topics such as “Guess the top three lines that you would like to say on your way home from your date” , “Things that Sakura would like Ayumi to change/improve on” , “Which aspects of Ayumi does Reina like about” and “The top three things that Ayumi would like to challenge after turning 20”
  • The three things that Ayumi would like to challenge this year was “Taking part in the concert production”, “Taking a trip alone” and “Having a drinking session with the older members in Morning Musume”
  • During the second round of the event, Ayumi had to say lines which would make one’s heart skip a beat to Haruka.

First situation: 

H: I heard that you have someone that you like? What kind of person is he?

A: Someone with short hair (H: Well of course because its a guy!) and when (he) gets excited, its really cute. 

H: Is the person you like near to you now? 

A: Yup, the person that is right in front of me now. 

Second situation:

A: It’s really cold so let’s hold hands…?

H: Un

A: Will you (hold my hands) from now till forever?

H: *says nothing but pulls her hands closer*

*Apparently after this scene, Ayumi and Haruka were really embarrassed.

Third Situation:

A: Hello~? What were you doing?

H: I was watching the TV.

A: Are you alright with staying up a little? You know, I’ll only say this once, so listen.

A: I like you.

*Ayumi said “時間だいじょうぶ?” , but to fit into the context of the situation better, I decided to translate in such a way where Ayumi asked Haruka if she is alright with staying up a little.

  • The first corner was titled “20 questions to Ayumi”

Translation of the 20 questions:

  1. What are your feelings right now?

A: The atmosphere seems a little weird, I wonder why (laughs)

  1. The moment when it became your birthday (date)?

A: I was alone. I thought my family would celebrate it in a really grand and enthusiastic manner but just before 12, my mum entered the bath and I was worried…..so I had to inform her that the date has already changed, but she seemed really indifferent about it.

  1. Presents that you were happy about receiving?

A: A bag which I received from Fukumura san. It was a really fashionable and cute bag with a shade of light pink though I have yet to open it.

  1. Which Hello! Project member did you become close with recently?

A: Sasaki Rikako (ANGERME)

  1. Times where you thought you are an adult?

A: Hmm… none!

  1. The amount that you received for New Year’s?

A: 20,000 yen (while counting with her fingers) it’s really little.

  1. The first thing that you did upon your arrival at the venue?

A: Vocalization

  1. Your lunch that you had for today?

A: Yakiniku Bento (Cheers erupts from the fans)

  1. Anything that you are into recently?

A: Hmm…. Nothing! (Ayumi thought about this for a while before answering this question)

  1. Something that left you high spirits recently?

A: The Hello Concert that took place on 7 January. I was called upon to the stage by Wada san and Makoto san during the MC corner and when I saw that the (penlights) were all blue despite the fact that there were so many fans from different groups, I was really happy!

Sawayaka Goro: It meant that you were acknowledged by everyone!

  1. If you were to compare yourself to an animal?

A: Little Monkey.

  1. A job that you would be doing if you were not in Morning Musume?

A: Working in the bakery!

  1. A song that you would sing during Karaoke?

A: Shabondama

  1. If you could bring a Hello! Member to an uninhabited island?

A: Ikuta san. That person is fearless. Even when she is injured, she would just brush it off and say she’s fine plus she seems like she could catch snakes as if it was nothing.

  1. –PART 2- If you could bring someone that would take on the role for soothing you at the uninhabited island?

A: Yokoyama Reina chan. She has this really soothing character about her as she is always smiling and that’s really cute.

-What would you do if she were to give an expressionless face when you reach the uninhabited island?-

A: Hmm…I’ll just silently watch over her.

  1. What’s your weak point?

A: ….I’m weak to (awkward) atmosphere like this (laughs)

  1. Something that you can’t live without?

A: I can’t live without “help” and this is exactly the time (to ask) for it.

  1. Your favourite word?

A: Ayumin. I love hearing my name being called!

-The fans started cheering “Ayumin” in which Sawayaka Goro then replied “Your fans are really capable (of reading the atmosphere)”

  1. How would you rate your femininity level out of 100?

A: 65 points. I think (my femininity level) is pretty good.

  1. If you were to draw a picture on an Omelette Rice?

A: Heart❤

  1. How would you like to show yourself after turning 20?

A: I want to show everyone the way I am (her natural self)! Let’s enjoy the day everyone!

  • Ayumi’s mother wrote a letter to her during her birthday event(2nd round):

“To my dearest Ayu chan,

On 7 January 1997, you were born earlier than the expected date, weighing at 2194g. Even though you were really tiny, but because you were somewhat active as a baby, you didn’t have to enter the incubator and was with me all the way.

I was really surprised when you started walking when you were only 9 months old. Was it because you were nimble back then? When you were young, you ate little and often fell sick to the extent that you had to be hospitalized three times.

When your fever exceeded 40 degrees, I was really worried that you might just leave me. But, as you entered primary school and won 1st for long distance running and was really exceling in sports.

During middle school, you were in the class committee, and was also a candidate to become the conductor during your school chorus competition.

You were so enthusiastic (in doing your school activities) that it left me surprised. And that was where you came upon cheer dancing, it was here that you realized how much fun it was to be performing in front of people.

Then, the earthquake happened when you were in year 2 of middle school.

Fortunately, our home wasn’t affected, but at that point of time, our utilities stopped working and I am sure Ayumi hasn’t forgotten how we had to spend our nights with a candle.

But even then, you encouraged me and was courageous. Half a year later, you were chosen to be part of Morning Musume and I was sure everyone around us was surprised back then, but because I thought if it’s Ayumi, everything’s going to be fine and told you send lots of smiles (encouragement) to the disaster area.

It has been six years since then. You have become someone who is blessed while being surrounded by your beloved members, the staffs whom have supported you and the fans who found you (supported you). You took up an interest in cooking recently and I was really happy to be able to cook together with you. Remember to teach me any new recipes all right?

From now on, as a person who was born from Tohoku, please don’t ever forget to be thankful while shouldering the kind yet strong Tohoku spirit and continue to send lots of smiles to everyone. But (remember), it is alright to cry when you feel like crying.

For being born to us (mama and papa), thank you so much.” 

Cr: @ai23jan1 / @gyouza3153 / @ajiponponzu on Twitter

Trans Cr: Ishida Ayumi Singapore

Note: Translation might not be 100% correct, please feel free to leave your comments and I’ll amend the translations at once!


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