Greetings for 2017!

To all readers of Ishida Ayumi Singapore,

How has your 2016 been? 

2016 has been nothing but short of hectic, hence the lack of updates/slow updates which I sincerely apologize for. (T_T)

I am still lacking a lot as a fan site owner for both Ayumi and the girls themselves but still, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers for your support for the past year!

I’ll do my best to keep the updates regular on this site!

As usual, feel free to leave any comments or feedbacks in regards to the site or translations for certain posts or news, I’ll be sure to read them and improve on it ! (: 

Your constant support is what keeps this site going!

Once again, I apologize if I am lacking in any updates because school is still a priority for me, but nevertheless, I’ll still do my best to update regularly! 

With Morning Musume ’17 having an addition of two new members, they are only going to keep growing and become greater!

Furthermore, this year will be a special year for Ayumi and her fans as she will officially be an adult in 7 days time! 

Witnessing her growth ever since her audition days has never made me prouder to be a fan of hers which is why, I decided to start this fan site in hopes that many people will come to know and love Ayumi as well as Morning Musume. 

How did all of you become Ayumi fans? That’s something I would like to know as well ^^ 

I sincerely thank you (readers) for your support and may the new year be a blissful year for you and your loved ones as well as for Morning Musume ’17! 

Cheers to a brand new year ahead of you! 

*Note: Starting from this year, all videos,information and goods etc will be tagged under – Morning Musume ’17. However, past archives will still be kept. 


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