[INFO] Morning Musume ’16 13 Generation Members Revealed!

Announced during the concert, Morning Musume ’16 13ki members are both from Hello! Project Kenshuusei and the members are Yokoyama Reina & Kaga Kaede!

They will officially start activities as Morning Musume ’17 members next year.



Name: Yokoyama Reina

Birth date: 22 February 2001

Blood type: –

Birthplace: Saitama

Talent: Knows how to blow the alto saxophone

Hobby: Listening to music and dancing to it

Favorite music genre: J-Pop

Favorite sports: Dancing & Soccer

Motto: To use time wisely

Day she joined Hello! Project: September 2016


Name: Kaga Kaede

Nickname: Kaedii

Birth date: 30 November 1999

Blood type: A

Birthplace: Tokyo

Talent: Kendo & Trumpet

Hobby: Listening to mainly Hello ! Project songs

Favorite music genre: Rock & Anime songs

Favorite sports: Soccer, martial arts and Kendo

Motto: Doing everything you can till the very end

*Note: Rough translation of her motto*

Day she joined Hello! Project: December 2012


Once again, welcome to the Morning Musume family! (:

Cr: Hello! Project Official Site 




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