Tsunku 「Start Again」Interview.

Watch it here.

In other words, I am sure many of you know by now that Tsunku has already officially “resigned” / “graduated” from being Hello ! Project’s producer and is focusing on songwriting now.

Tsunku went for surgery to remove his vocal cords after Morning Musume ’14’s concert in New York and after this surgery, he reduced his workload as well as eventually resigning from his position as the producer for Hello ! Project.

Since resigning, he has found much time to spend with his family who has supported him along the way.

This was published in his autobiography – 「だから、生きる」which was released on September 10th.

Video Cr: Seattle8021 on Dailymotion.

Information Cr: 910percent on Facebook 

ISASG would like to offer our fullest support to Tsunku who has always been, and will always be a father figure to all the groups in Hello ! Project to stay strong and positive and in time, make a full recovery and comeback! 

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