[INFO] Setlist for Riho’s 17th Birthday Event !



2. Glory days

3. Yattaruchan (Riho x Kanon)

4. Mikazuki 

5. Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu Kara


-Tidbits from the event-

  • The MC was Kanon, and the surprise guest was Fukuda Ayano 
  • Riho cried when Rola gave Riho a congratulatory voice message for Riho’s Birthday. Riho then said “She (Rola) said Sayashi Riho chan” twice while crying.
  • Riho said that she didn’t tell Kanon directly that she wanted her to MC her birthday event, but instead made an request (to the staffs) for Kanon to be the MC for her event.
  • When asked which member congratulated her first, Riho said it was probably Masaki and the member that did not wished her was Erina.
  • She then goes on to list the members that congratulated her – Masaki, Mizuki, Kanon, Haruna, Ayumi, Sakura and the 12th gen members except Akane. Kanon then said in Akane’s defence “She slept early!”
  • Riho said that Kanon bears some resemblance to the actress, Ishihara Satomi and that even the members agreed with that. Kanon then replied ” It’s Riho chan’s event so don’t mind about me !” while being shy about Riho’s comment.

Cr: @gyouza3153 / @takahashiai on Twitter

Trans Cr: Ishida Ayumi Singapore

*Translation might not be 100% correct, so please feel free to correct me if you spot any mistakes by leaving comments in the comment box ! Thank you ! (:

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