[INFO] Morning Musume ’14 Profile Pictures Updated !

9dfaf5391fd504c221c5cd07eb3784a360f0e9b1 677530659232a98346f9254cd2214400538233e0

– Michishige Sayumi

b4f649967efd78533ea0b01708d96181787269cf dc6b59d977da0073f20bd30bf78348773bc2eef3

– Fukumura Mizuki

ad92566a8fae5470f2b16f02a9425026cc41e974 8989a55a3a32f852cfbbb4fda67cfc41d11e10a5

– Ikuta Erina

56e4ad9f403674961f5ccc865ef35c00b7a3e523 fdb1f428bb31e08c03f72d3b04a34c993222ea2f

– Sayashi Riho

71b660337cff9d9eedf2c2a973b43908b42032f1 63693a93ffb18b8917bdf78c5329a54c6e1c6c93

– Suzuki Kanon

1a18004e9c9ff93d4e4ab8af17e39a0f0bec3511-1 b604305206f4f459c66f664878afacc42f4ea5bd-2

– Iikubo Haruna

e1dae8d140b5411ebed3c0a83c932583713cbf40 b85dd8d1946936b1783b1dcf21d17f1bb2697a24

– Ishida Ayumi

053846c6f18f0d275d5952e88f87287aacbf740f 2c88c23284023b98f9d19770b879d3c757fde9c3

– Sato Masaki

8227caf3e144236d048c2359f4fb122a4b3b5bce 396be6ff537cdf76c90a0a34abe0ee017112459e

– Kudo Haruka

f96b7075167fbe1a720297b8d3164ec906ddbed1 8d3c7ea9cda715cc8884518c90fd0eeee77ad7f5

– Oda Sakura

Cr : Hello ! Project Official Site.


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